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EzPort Fun with an Arduino

published on in projects/Bitsy
Now that we’ve our first prototype, let’s figure out how to flash the sucker! The MK22FN512VLH12 has 512KB of on-board flash where a program can be stored. The process of writing a program to this memory is called flash programming. There’s several suggested ways to program the flash on the MCU. For development, the SWD or JTAG is preferred since it’s main purpose is for debugging. Troubleshooting this interface can be a bit messy though… it’s quite complex. Read More...

Bartop Arcade

published on in projects/PakuPaku
A laser-cut, Raspberry Pi powered, single player bartop arcade! I’ve been wanting to build a MAME cabinet ever since high school. Year after year, I’ve noticed the cost of building one going down - especially with the release of the Raspberry Pi. And with my latest introduction to the world of laser cutters, I decided a few months ago, this will be the year! So I ordered some parts, measured them with some rules and calipers, and whip out my favorite CAD (SketchUp) and starting doodling :) Read More...

QFP Soldering Adventure!

published on in projects/Bitsy
The most challenging IC that I’ve solder was a LT3463 booster converter that came in a 0.5mm-pitch 10-pin DFN package. Instead of pins, QFNs/DFNs have pads on the bottom so it’s a bit challenging to solder, inspect and de-bridge. Thankfully, the MK22FN512VLH12 comes in a QFP package - pins instead of pads! This package also has a 0.5mm pitch but with a lot more pins (64 to be exact) - which means a lot more opportunities for solder bridges - fun! Read More...


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